youth baseball leagues-ages 4 through 12

2022 Registration Is Closed

We are no longer accepting applications for the current season.

Registration Details


Registration is on a first come roster basis.  If registered by April 15th returning players are returned to their previous team unless they are changing divisions (Tee ball to Coach pitch etc.)  Initial registration ends April 15th.   Applications received after April 15th will be subject to a $10 late fee.  If you are registered and withdraw before May 1st there is a $15 processing fee deducted from the refund.  No refunds after May 1st.  Pay by cash, check or charge.


Game Schedule Information


  • All games start at 6pm.
  • No Friday or weekend games.
  • Games start in Mid June and go until the end of July.
  • Each coach will set up their own practice schedules and will contact you by phone or email.

How Teams are formed


Teams are limited to 13 players.  Players are assigned to teams at the school they attend unless there are not enough players to form a team.  If this occurs they will be placed on the team closest to their school that needs players.  Once team rosters fills, if there are enough players we will form another team at the same school.  Players attending private schools or are being home schooled will play at the public school nearest their home.


Rules on Players Playing Up


6 year olds have a choice of playing tee ball or coach pitch.  8 and 10 year olds are not allowed to play up this year unless approved through the baseball office.  We will take into account player's abilities and get recommendations from previous coaches.  Please consider players actual ability level before making this request.  It is our goal to place all players where they will be both challenged and successful.





Policy & Procedure


Code of Conduct Policy


In an effort to make youth baseball in Spokane Valley the most positive experience it can be for players, coaches, parents and umpires, the Board of Directors of the Spokane Valley Baseball has adopted the following Code of Conduct Policies which governs the interactions between Players, Coaches, Parents/Spectators and Umpires.



These policies are designed to require all players, coaches, officials, administrators and parents/spectators to maintain a positive atmosphere of sportsmanship before, during and after all SVB baseball games.


Click the icons on the left to see each individual code of conduct policy.

We recommend the training videos and exercises that are presented in the following links. Good information for parents and players.

We need sponsors for this Season!

Sponsorships for 2021 are just $300

You are guaranteed your name on a teams jersey, a plaque with the team picture, and your logo will be on our website for one full year.  If your sponsored team wins the tournament or comes in second place your business name will be listed on the website with the teams photograph for a full year.

2019 Sponsors

Broadway Beasts  1st Place Winners

2019 Spokane Valley Baseball Tournament

Sponsored by Dr. Velis Family Dentistry

Liberty Lake 3     2nd Place

2019 Spokane Valley Baseball Tournament

Sponsored by ACI

Our Mission Statement


The Spokane Valley Baseball's (SVB's) primary Mission is to provide an environment for Spokane Valley youth to have an enjoyable, safe, team-oriented, and community based experience while learning and playing the game of baseball.  At the same time, the SVB is committed to teaching our youth the life lessons of good sportsmanship and teamwork.


Through the game of baseball, the SVB intends to help youth to set and work towards common goals and to build character, leadership ability, and confidence.

Association Philosophy..."Athletes First"


The Spokane Valley Baseball (SVB) believes in the fundamental philosophy of putting "Athletes First, Winning Second."  This is the motto of the American Sports Education Program (ASEP), and it means this:  every decision made and every behavior displayed on the field should be based first on what is judges best for the athletes, final analysis, what's important is not how many games are won, but how many young people are helped to become winner in life.


Having "Athletes First, Winning Second" as a base philosophy does not mean that winning is unimportant.  The immediate short-term objective of any game is to win.  Striving to win within the rules of the game should be the objective of every athlete and coach.  Striving to win is essential to enjoyable competition.  We believe that it is the pursuit of the victory, the dream of achieving the goal more than the goal itself that yields the joy of sports.




The Spokane Valley Baseball League (SVB) was formed in1954 as a 501(c) (3), non – profit Corporation.  The purpose of the SVB is to establish, maintain, and promote youth baseball activities for our Community.  The primary focus of the SVB is children in Kindergarten through 7th grades.


The SVB is comprised of an active Board of Directors.  The SVB administers its baseball activities through the Board and a Committee structure by organizing and arranging the teams, coaches, umpires, schedules, tournaments, and playing rules, and by providing game equipment and player uniforms.


Our programs are “community driven” and are open to all boys and girls who want to play baseball.  Typically we have between 600 – 700 participants in our program over the course summer.  We will always work to find a place for a child that wants to play ball.  In fact, we have a “no cut” policy for our league and guaranteed minimum playing time rules.   We also offer “baseball scholarships” for those families in need of financial assistance.  Our core belief is that EVERYONE PLAYS!!


President-Bill Krieder

Board Members-Cory Aitken & Chris Krieder


The Spokane Valley Baseball League represents more than 50 teams and 700 players between the ages of 4 and 13 in the Valley.  The league is comprised of 4 different groups.


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Spokane Valley Baseball

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